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Last updated on November 17, 2010

You want comix?  We got comix.

Mike Geiger’s making them, Hobo Divine’s making them, Mick Harrison and Kyle Marshall too.  Heck, even Scott MacDonald is making them.

Put ’em all together and what do you get?  A talent sandwich.  You also get daily comix on  They officially launched yersterday, but there’s already a bunch of pages to scan through.  Go point your eyes at ’em here.

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter:!/supervillainers

Here’s an example of some of the fun you can expect:


These guys are all talented shmoes and it’s cool to see how they each approach the task.  For instance, Hobo’s second page reveals that he seems to be taking a very “cover-to-cover” approach to comicking, producing his take on the kind of ad us fogies grew up with inside our comic books.  Mike’s doing a series of single-page strips, something we’ve seen him test out before on his own blog.  They’re all setting out to post a page each per week, giving readers a daily dose of hilarity.

All these guys work in animation, and are part of a growing trend towards comix from animators.  There’s a bunch of reasons why this happens, usually involving creative frustration and the accessibility of comix over animation.

But we can talk more about that later.


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