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Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Amanda Hildisheim

amandaHey Guys,
My name is Amanda Hildisheim and I always knew I would be in the art industry. I’ve been here in Halifax almost two years working at Copernicus Studios Inc. I’ve worked on 6 different animated shows. I have learned so much and am progressing well in the industry.

I love staying in Halifax because I live close to family back home in New Brunswick. I’m also Diabetic and I have a specialist in Queen Elizabeth 2 hospital, a family doctor, and dentistry that is currently helping me with my health.

I was also planning to raise a family here in Halifax, because its the perfect location for my boyfriend and I to live. We are both well settled here and both working in the same studio as animator and comp artist.

I do not want to leave here.
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  1. Ben Ben April 13, 2015

    >I do not want to leave here.

    It’s unfortunate, but as a junior animator you were lucky enough to not have to leave in the first place. Welcome to the industry.

  2. Daniel Daniel April 18, 2015

    The animation industry is booming right now. Big networks are choosing Halifax to animate their content.
    Agreed, we are very lucky that we have had such a steady stream of work, and we know that this is rare in this industry.

    This is different than having to leave just because there’s no work. We are making our voices heard because this change has come so drastically and so suddenly that it’s ensuring that projects will not come to the province.

    There’s a difference between not catching any fish and someone cementing over the lake.

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