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Ontario Budget: Tax Credits Targeted

By Mike Valiquette

Ontario’s provincial government unveiled it’s new budget yesterday. Though nowhere near the sweeping scale of the recent cuts in Nova Scotia, we’re not coming away unscathed. Here’s the relevant passage: Film and Television Tax Credits Ontario provided significant support of approximately $335 million in 2014–15 to the film and television industry through the Ontario Film and… »

Nova Scotia Tax Credit update: Deal or No Deal?

By Mike Valiquette

Word’s just getting out that a deal may have been struck between the province of Nova Scotia and the film industry. CBC has coverage, and I’m pulling quotes from Marc Almon (Chairman of Screen Nova Scotia) and Scott Simpson (VP of Screen Nova Scotia) from here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/nova-scotia-film-tax-credit-deal-struck-between-province-industry-1.3045946 Here’s what Marc had to say as he… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Daniel Luke

By Mike Valiquette

I grew up in a small town an hour’s drive from Melbourne, Australia. I graduated from RMIT University Melbourne in 2008, and in 2012, at the age of 24, I moved to Nova Scotia in pursuit of my dream of working in the Canadian animation industry. It hurts that the proposed budget is making my… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Rosemary Travale

By Mike Valiquette

Hi! My name is Rosemary Travale and I work in Halifax, Nova Scotia currently as a Layout Artist at DHX Media. I’m originally from Stoney Creek, Ontario and I went to Sheridan College for animation, graduating in 2014. I’m only a recent transplant to Halifax, moving here with my finacee at the very start of… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: MK Harris

By Mike Valiquette

Hi – my name is MK Harris! I’m 25 years old, and I just moved to Halifax in January to be a Key Poser at Copernicus Studios, in Halifax. I graduated from Sheridan College in Oakville around this time last year, but when I got the offer to work at Copernicus, I jumped at the… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Aisling Doyle

By Mike Valiquette

I just moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia from Dublin, Ireland on 17th February 2015. I had no intention of coming to Canada as a temporary thing, a fleeting “Let’s have a lark in the Great White North and come home afterwards.” I came to Canada to build a life here and immigrate. I initially had… »

Breaking Down the Nova Scotia Tax Credit Cut

By Mike Valiquette

Pulled this from Copernicus’ facebook feed, thought I’d share it here. I see many comments from the general public who see the tax credit as a hand out, and “if your industry needs heavy subsidy how is it successful?” Here’s how the NS tax credit worked: nova scotia 50% of labour +10% rural bonus(not HRM)+5%… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Alex Branch

By Mike Valiquette

Hello there, My name is Alex Branch and I’m a Builds Artist at Copernicus Studios Inc. This is my first studio job and I’m beyond excited to be working full time in the industry and to have my hard work broadcasted in the near future. Initially, I intended to move to Toronto, but decided to… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Amanda Hildisheim

By Mike Valiquette

Hey Guys, My name is Amanda Hildisheim and I always knew I would be in the art industry. I’ve been here in Halifax almost two years working at Copernicus Studios Inc. I’ve worked on 6 different animated shows. I have learned so much and am progressing well in the industry. I love staying in Halifax… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Alyssa Penney

By Mike Valiquette

A little under 3 and a half years ago I got an email saying I was hired to work as an animator on a new show starting about a week from that point. I was nervous and scared to leave home, but in a matter of days I picked up everything with the help of… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Shannon Perry

By Mike Valiquette

Nineteen years out west. It was after nineteen years out west, at the age of 25, that I finally got the chance to move back to Nova Scotia. The decision to do so was easy; I have so much family out here, and even though I left the province at the age of six, I… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: We Strengthen Nova Scotia

By Mike Valiquette

The Digital Animators of Nova Scotia (DANS) are sharing many of the faces of the industry in this latest… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Cartoon Conrad

By Mike Valiquette

Monday morning shout out to my pals at Cartoon Conrad in Nova… »

Faces of Film Nova Scotia: Ron Doucet

By Mike Valiquette

The fight’s not over. Share your story. Send us your story, we’ll post it here. I’ve been working in the animation industry for over 15 years here in Nova Scotia. This is back when the television animation industry had just begun here in the province. I started out as a 2D digital animator, and later… »

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