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events: VANIMATIC! April 18th, Grahaeme Cowie Talking About the Impotents, and how they ran a SUCESSFULL KICKSTARTER!

If I were in Vancouver on April 18th, I’d be here:

Last year, Grahaeme Cowie and his partner Jeff Cooper set out to get their idea for an adult comedy animated series funded via Kickstarter. They pulled it off.

They also made a funny cartoon.

I supported it. I got a t-shirt.

All this is a pretty big deal. Making cartoons is a full time job, and frankly, so is running a crowdfunding campaign. So how did these guys do it? Well, for that answer, you’re going to have to go to this month’s Vanimatic, on April 18th at Anza Club, 3 West 8th Ave. from 7pm to 10pm.

Here’s the Facebook event page again. Just so you get it hammered at you.


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