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Super Science Friends Video Game Kickstarter!!!!! Only 2 Days To Go!!!!

By Mike Valiquette

The gang from Tinman are expanding the Super Science Friends experience with a new game, and they’re looking for your support to get it up and running. We’ve never hidden our admiration for Tinman, or the Super Science Friends show they make, so we’re always happy to give them a plug. These guys are a… »

Christmas Cartoons: A Super Science Friends Christmas, Tinman Creative, 2016

By Mike Valiquette

Yesterday we posted a blast from the distance past of 1990, today we’re only going back a year. But time travel is nothing new to the Super Science Friends! From the amazing gang at Toronto’s Tinman Creative, Super Science Friends is a truly independent animated series, and the Christmas episode is a personal favourite. If… »

events: VANIMATIC! April 18th, Grahaeme Cowie Talking About the Impotents, and how they ran a SUCESSFULL KICKSTARTER!

By Mike Valiquette

If I were in Vancouver on April 18th, I’d be here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1892151544392891/ Last year, Grahaeme Cowie and his partner Jeff Cooper set out to get their idea for an adult comedy animated series funded via Kickstarter. They pulled it off. They also made a funny cartoon. I supported it. I got a t-shirt. All this… »

SUPER SCIENCE FRIENDS: More Episodes!! Crowdfund the Cartoonery!!!

By Mike Valiquette

How is this happening? I know we haven’t covered it yet, and maybe the Robert Valley Kickstarter is sucking up the cartoon crowdfund dollar, but there’s seven days to go and the Super Science Friends Kickstarter is coming up WAY short. The first one was a huge success, and it lead to the coolest cartoon… »

Robert Valley Kickstarter Live: Pear Cider and Cigarettes

By Mike Valiquette

In crowdfunding news, Robert Valley has launched a campaign to complete his long-in-progress film Pear Cider and Cigarettes. It’s based on a true story, one he’s told in graphic novel format before, and this is the inevitable final version. Robert’s a Canadian animation rockstar who’s best known for his work on Gorillaz, Wonder Woman shorts… »

Super Hip Indie Game Kickstarter: the Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods, from Chris de Castro

By Mike Valiquette

I try to be fairly upfront on here when it comes to personal bias. Just search Nick Cross on here and that should be fairly clear. So when I share this latest Kickstarter for Chris de Castro’s new game Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods, I really should mention that I live 1 city block away from… »

Impotents Kickstarter Update: GOAL ACHIEVED! $20,542!!!!!

By Mike Valiquette

UPDATE, UPDATED: The Impotents has achieved it’s funding goal! We’re going to take all the credit for today’s push over the finish line and send out a thanks to those readers who jumped on board. Now they’ve gotta make the sucker! SSSOOOOOOO CLOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!! With only 46 hours to go, there’s less than a thousand bucks… »

Crowdfunding Cartoons: The Impotents Kickstarter UPDATE: $3500 TO GO!!!

By Mike Valiquette

  UPDATE: 8 days to go, and only about 3500 bucks left to¬† get these guys to the gate. Clearly they’ve got momentum in their campaign, clearly it’s being well-received by those who check it out. By crowd-funding standards, this one’s a good bet. Let’s spread the word some more and support home-grown, creator-owned cartoons!… »


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