The End Is Near! (for tv)

This post is making the rounds and I figured I’d get it out to ya’ll here as well.

In a nutshell, Henry Blodget offers us a very simple comparison regarding the state of the TV industry. It’s where newspapers were at about five years ago. Which doesn’t give the current broadcast model a lot of time to figure out how to reposition itself.

iTunes, Hulu, YouTube and NetFlix are singled out as likely frontrunners of the new distribution model, and Apple gets a nod for the iPhone potentially becoming the box-of-choice for viewers.

Things are definitely changing. Blodget sees the big broadcasters as living in denial currently, but that’s clearly superficial. They’re in a controlled panic. Here in Canada, we’re definitely taking notice. Just this past year, iTunes outbid CTV for the rights to Mad Men. That’s an eye opener. The NFB is having huge success making its library available online and through an iPhone app. Cookie Jar just launched Jaroo so that anyone who wants to watch Inspector Gadget, anywhere in the world, at any time of day, can do just that. iPhone app to follow I’m sure.

This is scary, but scary times are exciting times. Fortunes are made and the little guy gets a chance to grab a piece of the pie. So if you’re making content, keep doing it! Someone will figure out how to make money off it, and maybe you’ll get a few bucks in the process. I’ve got my own ideas about how the landscape is shifting, but I’m sure smarter people than I have already ruled them out.



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