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STARTOON CARTOON PODCAST: Behind the Scenes of Running a Studio in Canada

Over on the Startoon Cartoon Podcast (something else we do that’s pretty much the exact same content we’d like to be producing for CAR), we spoke with Morghan Fortier of Tinman Creative Studios, Hector Herrera of Together Words + Pictures, Kyle MacDougall of Jam Filled, and Style5′s Sam Chou. These guys all operate studios of various sizes and specialty and we thought it would be cool to get them in a room together and hear what’s on their minds and find out what it’s like to be in the studio game.

There’s two parts, so if you want an earful from some amazing people, plug in.

If this kind of chatter is your thing, we produce a new episode of the podcast every week. There’s a ton of cool ones if you want to check them out. We’ll post them here more often.


  1. Felix Felix August 10, 2017

    To be honest guys… I fell asleep watching these! (* 3hrs worth?!!) These video were too long and for the wrong audience seriously. I’d imagine 80% of people who read CAR are kids looking for jobs.! Not older folks who’re interested in starting up a studio. If there ARE “kids” who want to open up their own studio… good on them! Chat for 30-45mins and get out! There was a lot of flush here. Pretty disappointed to be honest.

    • Mike Valiquette Mike Valiquette Post author | August 11, 2017

      Sorry it’s not to your liking Felix. We have a ton of fun making these, and not every one of them is a hit. We let them run long and try not to omit much, but you could be right. I’ll keep it under advisement for sure.
      In my mind we’re producing things that I would have watched when I was new in the business. I always wanted to know everything I could about all aspects of the industry, and getting to be a fly on the wall for these kinds of conversations would have been huge for me. But I’m totally into hearing otherwise. Thanks for chiming in!

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