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Exclusive Live Event: Nick Cross Returns With The CLOCKWORK ELVES. Screening and Discussion this Thursday, December 17th at 9PM EST

Live! This Thursday night! TAAFI EXCLUSIVE!!!! Award-winning animation weirdo Nick Cross unveils his first short film in 7 years: The Clockwork Elves!!!

Join the elusive and erudite Mr. Cross, along with Canada’s animation loudmouth,Cartoon North‘s Mike Valiquette for a super special exclusive screening and interview/Q&A this Thursday, December 17, at 9PM EST, 6PM PT on!!!!

We’ll talk to Nick about the making of the film, his evolving influences, juggling personal projects with his work at Cartoon Network and Netflix, working in the US vs Canada, and about a dozen conversational tangents along the way, including his time on the groundbreaking animated series Over the Garden Wall. Mike promises to not interrupt Nick too much.

About Nick: Nick Cross is an award-winning Canadian animator. For almost twenty years, he has been directing and producing animated content for various film and television productions. Also, as an independent filmmaker, Nick’s films have been screened at festivals all over the world. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as a co-executive producer for an upcoming series at Netflix Animation Studios.

About Mike: Mike Valiquette is an award-winning Canadian animation producer and director, and an outspoken advocate for the animation community. He teaches at Seneca in Toronto and Algonquin College in Ottawa, while also running a small boutique studio,Go Lucky. Mike also runs Cartoon North, the primary online resource for animation in Canada.

About the film: “The Clockwork Elves could be a psychotropic exploration of spirituality and death – or it could be a tale of a little goofball hopped up on goofballs. Either way – it’s a cartoon.” N.C.

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