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The Changing Role of Cartoon North, more yammering from Mike

Last updated on November 1, 2021

Hi folks! I need your help. I’m tired, and the site is languishing. I’ve been doing this for a very long time, and I want to keep it alive. I know from feedback that there’s still a perception that Cartoon North can be a valuable resource, and that my/its voice can still hold a valuable place in our community. But I have to be honest, I’m just not interested in talking about TV/Kids animation all that much anymore. I’m even less interested in the corporate goings-on of the industry in Canada, who’s sold what show, who’s moved to what company, all that stuff. I still believe that a broad view of the industry/community is important, and that there’s no one place, other than us, that can share a perspective that ties it all together. But I’m just worn out.

I’ve been considering all kinds of options to find a way to re-engage. Maybe it’s a shifting of direction, maybe it’s rebuilding how we deliver our news? Switch to a newsletter? Keep the homepage with mostly links to our various socials, including our Discord server, and invest my time there?

But I know something has to change, and I think I need some help

I’m not sure exactly what I’m asking for, maybe it’s contributors? From each production center would be amazing. Maybe it’s automating the job board? I should look into that. Create an outlet for press releases that’s also automated? I run this thing on WordPress, and that might require a little custom coding.

And honestly, my own voice, my perspective, is dated. I’ve been in this industry a super long time, and while I may do an ok job of not tumbling onto obsolescence, my perspective is not exactly fresh. For Pete’s sake, I’m almost half a century old.

I’ve made a big career switch this year, moving away from traditional kids tv work and into film making, and that’s where my heart is. But I need to spend my time doing it, not talking about it. I’ve been sharing that side of things semi-regularly on my Patreon, which felt like a good option for an indie film maker. I also have some folks who follow me there who come to me for a little career advice and to talk about the industry in general. I basically make myself available to my patrons to answer any questions they might have. That feels meaningful to me these days. But since I’m over there, and directing a film, I’m not really here. I’m also doing some consulting to pay the bills, and that takes time too.

And here’s the thing, the site doesn’t make money, so I can’t hire people. It’s a service I’ve been providing for over ten years, with minimal return. To be honest, I kind of like that. But it’s limiting.

And I just don’t have enough hours in the day to do it justice.

I’m really interested in hearing back about this. I’m looking for suggestions, for help, maybe for people who see some personal value in becoming a contributor. I’m not at the end of my rope or anything, but I spent a long time building and maintaining this, and I really don’t want to just let it fall apart.

So. Community! Let’s figure something out!



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