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TAAFI 2016 in Review: 8 Takeaways from TAAFI 2016 by a Toonsmith

By Mike Valiquette

Reposted with permission from Brent Smith. Brent had been a whirlwind lately at animation events here in Toronto, and we were able to persuade him to share some of his thoughts with us. Here’s his report (you can also read it directly on his blog):             8 Takeaways from TAAFI… »

from the internets: Over the Garden Wall BG Paint tutorial by Nick Cross

By Mike Valiquette

There’s a great little BG painting tutorial up on Nick Cross’ Tumblr. It’s a process piece he put together for painters on Over the Garden Wall. Check it out… »

Mark Mayerson on Pitching Your Project

By Mike Valiquette

Mark Mayerson has been posting the content of a talk he did for an Animatic TO event in March: Don’t Pitch To the Buyer, Pitch To the Audience. We posted part one last week, and he’s now got 5 of 6 parts up. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here…. »

from the internets: It’s Mark Mayerson day!

By Mike Valiquette

Mark Mayerson did an Animatic TO event in March: Don’t Pitch To the Buyer, Pitch To the Audience. It was great. I always enjoy getting Mark’s side of things, despite wanting to argue a couple of points with him. We chatted afterwards, and he gave me a hard time for not opening my big mouth… »

events: Animatic TO presents Mark Mayerson! This Wednesday.

By Mike Valiquette

This Wednesday, Animatic T.O. presents guest speaker: Mark Mayerson! Mark has worked as an animator, writer, producer and director in TV animation for 29 years and he currently is a professor at Sheridan College teaching animation. Mark is also the man behind Mayerson on Animation, an informative and opinionated animation blog that we feature in… »

Michael Fukushima Interview, Part II

By Mike Valiquette

Here’s the second, and final part of the interview I conducted with NFB producer, Michael Fukushima. Part I can be found here. Thanks again to Michael, Grayden Laing, TAAFI, and the NFB.  This was a… »

A conversation with Michael Fukushima

By Mike Valiquette

Last week felt like Michael Fukushima Week here at Canadian Animation Resources.  He was in town being honoured by the Reel Asian International Film Festival, and I had a two day period that was pretty much all him.  For those who don’t know, Michael is a producer for the National Film Board of Canada, his… »

Checking in with Kevin Parry

By Mike Valiquette

I’ve been meaning to post this chat I shared with Kevin Parry.  It’s been a busy year for Kevin, with a lot of well-deserved attention from his first film, the Arctic Circle, and the release of a new film, a music video he directed with the help of a few friends.  I though it would… »

from the internets: Should I post my film online, via CartoonBrew

By Mike Valiquette

Cartoon Brew had this posted recently, and I think it bears repeating to our audience as well. Max Porter of the husband-and-wife animation team Tiny Inventions wrote a fascinating blog post about the pros and cons of immediately distributing their short Something Left, Something Taken on-line last year instead of waiting for the film to… »

Joseph Gilland’s Elemental Magic special effects workshop (quick review by Barry Sanders)

By Mike Valiquette

Friend of the site, Barry Sanders, was fortunate enough to attend Joseph Gilland’s effects workshop in Toronto last week.  He was kind enough to send over a quick write up: On Sunday February 20th the Toronto Animated Image Society presented a full day lecture by veteran effects animator Joseph Gilland to a sold out NFB… »

from the internets: Flooby Nooby, Line of Action

By Mike Valiquette

Over on Flooby Nooby, Ron Doucet shares his thoughts on the concept of Line of… »

Own it, don’t groan it.

By Rob Anderson

A personal retrospective on what it means to be a project manager. Recently I partook in a fireside chat with a bunch of seasoned project managers from around the country. OK it was a pub but there was a fireplace. Plus lots of beer. Inevitably discussion gravitated to all the problems and heart aches that… »

PROCESS: Inking, with Nick Cross

By Mike Valiquette

‘Inking’ in Flash demo Here’s a demo video I recorded of myself inking a drawing in Flash CS3. I accidently exported the video in grayscale…oh well…. »

PROCESS: Animation, with Nick Cross

By Mike Valiquette

More from Mr Nick Cross: Animation process with video Okay, after intending to do this for ages, I finally took the time to document my steps in taking a scene from animatic through to finished cleaned up animation. I’ve recorded each stage as a video so hopefully you will be able to see the progression…. »

PROCESS: BG Paint, with Nick Cross

By Mike Valiquette

Nick Cross (Yellowcake, Angora Napkin, Waif of Persephone, Mr Floaf) is a generous soul.  He shares with you, and he shares with me.  Just look at his blog.  See?  Sharing.  Nick has been generously sharing his process in a series of posts, the latest of which exposes the secrets to his succulent background painting.  Nick… »

Advice from Ron Doucet: Building a Better Demo Reel

By Mike Valiquette

Demo Reel Tips by Ron Doucet Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of screening hundreds of demo reels. I’ve seen plenty of good ones and bad ones, but even though the format has changed from VHS, to CD, then DVD, and now YouTube, I had always noticed a similar pattern of errors in the… »


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