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showcase: Host Body, by Chad VanGaalen

By Mike Valiquette

A new video from Chad VanGaalen is always a cause for celebration, and today, we celebrate! There’s things to read about this amazing musician/animator over here. But basically: he’s from Calgary, he’s made a bunch of records, and they’re awesome, and he’s also made a bunch of equally awesome animated music videos. Plus a big… »

press release: Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video Goes to Chad VanGaalen, Animation Wins!

By Mike Valiquette

CHAD VANGAALEN, Director of Beat The Drum Slowly by Timber Timbre, WINS 2015 PRISM PRIZE For Best Canadian Music Video On Sunday, March 29, director Chad VanGaalen was announced as the winner of the 2015 Prism Prize for Timber Timbre’s Beat The Drum Slowly music video at the Prism Prize Top Ten Screening and Awards… »

from the internets: Chart Attack asks, Could This Be the Golden Age of the Animated Music Video?

By Mike Valiquette

Good question. http://www.chartattack.com/features/2015/03/26/could-this-be-the-golden-age-of-the-animated-music-video/ They talk to our good pal Joel MacKenzie, who recently transplanted himself to Ottawa. And I’m going to use this as an excuse to share Lumberjacked again. Ta-daah! It also reminds me that I’m way overdue to look into the work of Chad VanGaalen again. He’s crazy awesome. I think it’s time… »

showcase: Lumberjacked, by Joel Mackenzie

By Mike Valiquette

This all that there needs to be today. Joel’s getting love from Muchmusic: http://blog.muchmusic.com/rich-aucoins-new-music-video-is-the-ultimate-video-game/ And Vice’s Noisey:… »

showcase: Blurton Animated, by Ian Jeans

By Mike Valiquette

One of the best things about going to events like the Ottawa festival is little gems like this. I bumped into a pal of my, Ian Jeans. Ian teaches at Algonquin, and has been a fixture in the Ottawa animation scene for as long as I can remember. My first exposure to him was the… »

showcase: Dog Walker, The Most Loyal, by Carla Veldman

By Mike Valiquette

A really lovely stop-motion video to get the day started. Carla Veldman produced this for Toronto band, The Most Loyal. Dog Walker – The Most Loyal from Carla Veldman on Vimeo. Plus, there’s a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff over on her blog. Check it out… »

showcase: Knot in My Heart, the Zolas, directed by Sean Arden

By Mike Valiquette

Got this by carrier pigeon the other day: it’s a lovely little stop-mo piece directed by Algonquin College alum, Sean Arden.  I asked Sean to give me some low-down on the short: Conceptually we wanted it to seem as much like video as possible. We went to great length to try to keep it smooth… »


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