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Cast your vote for Uberdude!

Facebook BannerToronto’s Smiley Guy Studios is in the running to get their original webseries, Uberdude, picked up by SMOSH’s Shut Up! Cartoons! Youtube channel. Shut Up! Cartoons! is collecting viewer feedback and votes on 4 separate shows, and right now, it looks like Uberdude is in the lead. (disclaimer: I work at Smiley)

Voting ends on the 7th,  and you can check out the shows here:

Here’s the episode:

Uberdude is an original series created by Smiley Guy partner and head writer, Jeremy Diamond. We pulled in Dreamworks storyman Colin Jack to do the character concepts, and the show really came together under the watchful eye of Freddy Carrasco. While it’s produced in Flash, the series follows a more classic production model: no puppets. It’s limited, but traditional animation. We had a handful of animators, each taking on a couple of episodes themselves, working both in and out of house. They’re handed concept art and an animatic, and we gave them each a fair amount of leeway when it came to how they treat the models. The concern was more about getting the right feel, rather than making sure everyone drew hands the same way.

The show went through a couple of rounds of visual development before landing on the Archie meets 60’s Marvel Comics look that it now sports, and the traditional approach was as much a stylistic choice as it was financial. For all the cost-saving that Flash has brought to the animation industry, this traditional, limited model really works for projects of this scale.

Episode 1 was animated by the amazing Ian Jeans, by the way.

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