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TAAFI 2013 in review

By Rebecca David

This year TAAFI was kind enough to let me attend their animation weekend, as long as I promised to tweet the whole time. I think I did a good job.  This was TAAFI’s 2nd year, of which I did not attend the first. What follows is my experience and evaluation of this year’s fest. Friday: TAAFI… »

from the internets: Mark Mayerson on TAAFI, day 2

By Mike Valiquette

Mark Mayerson’s coverage of TAAFI, Day 2 is up, with a hearty recommendation aimed directly at Dr Stuart Sumida and some shorts programme coverage. Thanks Mark! Follow the… »

BABELDOM review by Dominic von Reidemann: 1 out of 5.

By Mike Valiquette

Dominic von Reidemann is a regular contributor at suite101.com.  Suite 101 is down for a rehaul, so Dominic’s ours at the moment.  He’s sharing some reviews of the films he took in while at last weeks’ Animation Festival in Ottawa.  Here are his thoughts on Paul Bush’s BABELDOM: Paul Bush’s BABELDOM is lazy filmmaking at… »

Cartoonists demo the Wacom Inkling, Marlo hulks out.

By Mike Valiquette

A while back, we got the good people at Wacom to send us one of their fancy new Inkling pens to do a demo.  You remember the Inkling right?  It tore up people’s twitter feeds for about 24 hours.  I figured I should get someone who knows their digital tools to put it through its… »

Pixar Masterclass report

By Mike Valiquette

I was unable to attend the Pixar Masterclass in Toronto last week, but fortunately, I know some people who did.  One of those people is Neil Hunter, Coordinator of Ottawa’s Algonquin College Animation Program.  Here’s his report: Pixar Masterclass, Toronto 2010 By Neil Hunter, Coordinator Algonquin College Animation Program It was a hot summer morning… »

Gene Fowler on Jalloo Festival 2010

By Mike Valiquette

I’m still in Miramichi and I’m all Jalloo’d out.  I’ll give you guys a proper write up when I get some rest, but in the meantime, here’s a post from Gene Fowler of Loogaroo, on his experience mid-festival: I’ve just returned from a full day and night of absolute debauchery at the local college here… »

Lipsett Diaries review by Dominic von Riedemann

By Mike Valiquette

This animated short was screened as part of the 2010 Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto.) Countless documents and lives have illustrated the relationship between creativity and madness. Whether it’s musician Nick Drake, painter Vincent Van Gogh, horror writer H.P. Lovecraft or animator Ryan Larkin, there are no shortage of lives burned out by the… »

Review: Tooned! from Breakthrough Films and Television, TVTropolis, by Cameron Archer

By Mike Valiquette

Seeing as I don’t get TVTropolis, I asked our friend Cameron Archer, of URBMN, to review the premiere of Tooned!  I reported this thing was going into production back on the old blog many moons ago.  Here’s how the Breakthrough site described the show then: Stay Tooned is a live-action factual entertainment series about the… »

8 year old movie reviews

By Mike Valiquette

We’re introducing a new feature here at Canadian Animation Resources, along with a new contributor, Rohan Connolly. For the purposes of full disclosure, Rohan is my daughter, so this is nepotism at its finest. Rohan also watches a lot of movies and knows a thing or two about animation. She’s a regular attendee at the… »


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