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Cartoon North Fundraising: What’s it for?

By Mike Valiquette

Good question! It’s pretty straightforward. With the money we raise on our Patreon we’re going to do 2 things. 1) Update the site. It’s been years. Honestly, this old dinosaur needs an overhaul. I’d love to be able to pay someone to do it. 2) Micro-grants. That’s right, we’re going to give money away to… »

GLAS Animation Launches Grant Program

By Mike Valiquette

This is some very cool shit. GLAS Animation (Global Animation Syndicate) has taken a simple, but fairly unprecedented step, and has launched the GLAS Animation Grant Program, currently consisting of two separate grants of $2500 each. It’s limited to American applicants, but I wanted to mention it here on the site because I think it’s… »

It’s A Dance Off! Sublo and Tangy Mustard #9, by Aaron Long

By Mike Valiquette

Bojack Horseman director and amazing Canadian, Aaron Long, makes cartoons when he’s not making cartoons. If you’re not aware of the adventures of Sublo and Tangy Mustard, you’re about to be. Aaron’s on episode 9, and it’s one of the best he’s made. (also, it’s totally set in Toronto.) Check it… »

Super Science Friends Video Game Kickstarter!!!!! Only 2 Days To Go!!!!

By Mike Valiquette

The gang from Tinman are expanding the Super Science Friends experience with a new game, and they’re looking for your support to get it up and running. We’ve never hidden our admiration for Tinman, or the Super Science Friends show they make, so we’re always happy to give them a plug. These guys are a… »

CROWDFUNDING: A World Without End, by Pasquale La Montagna

By Mike Valiquette

Toronto Animator Pasquale La Montagna is trying to raise a few bucks to produce a cartoon. You know how this works. A World Without End – Episode One, A Beginning A Mad man. A King. The pursuit of truth. An evil intention. And a world which never seems to end! It looks great, and it’s… »

showcase: Sublo and Tangy Mustard, from Aaron Long

By Mike Valiquette

Aaron Long is back with a whole new cartoon show! The creator of Fester Fish has just launched what he’s describing as his next independent webseries, Sublo and Tangy Mustard. From Aaron’s Tumblr: Here’s Episode 1 of Sublo and Tangy Mustard, my new cartoon! It stars Ryan Long, Kevin Doan, Heather Mazhar and myself, with… »


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