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jobby: Production Manager, Oasis Animation, Montreal

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Production Manager (Permanent role) Join Oasis Animation!  The Production Manager is responsible of supervising the production team from scripts through to the end of the animation process, as well as post-production. He plans and organizes the work to do ensuring the deadlines are met and the budget is respected. He is also in charge of… »

jobby: Senior Production Coordinator, Oasis Animation, Montreal

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Senior Production Coordinator (permanent role) Join Oasis Animation! We are looking for someone who knows 2D digital production, has great production coordination skills and an artistic eye! Job summary Reporting to the Production Manager, the Senior Production Coordinator oversees the work of the production team on the project, manages the schedule and ensures that the… »

jobby: 2D Digital Animators, Oasis Animation, Montreal

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Job posting: 2D Digital Animators on the series Kulipari, An Army of Frogs  Join Oasis Animation!  Role summary The 2D Digital Animator is responsible of animating the scenes of a 2D animation series which can include characters, backgrounds and props. He must create high-quality animation which respects the recommendations, revisions and technical and artistic requirements… »

jobby: Layout Artist, Oasis Animation, Montreal

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 Job opportunity: Digital production Layout Artist on the series Kulipari, An Army of Frogs  Join Oasis Animation! Job summary The Layouts Artist role creates production layouts in Harmony in accordance with the method established by the production and referring to the key layouts provided for the scenes of a 2D animation series. He must respect… »

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  • VIDEO - TAAFI Talk: Creator Driven Shows!
    I'm very excited to announce that the Canadian Animation Blog live screened the TAAFI Talk "Creator Driven Shows" to the world on Dec 7. The talk was presented by Corus Entertainment and held in their theatre screening room in downtown Toronto.This is first live stream that I've ever done! So, first off, thanks to TAAFI for […]

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